Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Pathology, Radiology & Sonography investigations are never conclusive, always should be used along with other relevant clinical examination to achieve final diagnosis.

The result of a laboratory investigation are dependent on the quality of the sample as well as the assay procedure used. These reports need to be interpreted by the reviewing physician. Partial reproduction of this report is not permitted

In case of collected specimen(s), which are referred to Lifecare from the other laboratories, It is presumed that patient details are verified and confirmed at the point of generation of the said specimen(s).

A test requested might not be performed due to insufficient quantity, or suboptimal quality of the sample. A fresh sample in such case may be requested.

Test are performed as per the test schedule given in the test listing. Reports may get delayed in inforeseen circumstances e.g. machine breakdown, non-availability of reagents or any other unavoidable condition, however Lifecare will try to minimize the delay.

If the collection date is not stated on the test requisition form, the date of the specimen will print by default as the date of the collection.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Customer is subjected to cancellation of the appointment 2 hour prior to the appointment. This includes lab visit as well as home visit. No refund will be processed in case blood test or sample collected and processed at the lab. Refund raised to the customers takes around 15 working days to complete after the test cancellation. Customer is not liable to refund after 24 hours of report delivery.

For any queries regarding the refund process or if the refund is not received by the customer, kindly contact on (link).

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