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Lab Test at Home in Mumbai

When it comes to healthcare, we all want someone who is accurate and provides us with at-home tests. If you are looking for at-home lab test services, A Lifecare diagnostic center in Mumbai is best. They are equipped with the latest technology. Their staff specializes in providing you with a convenient and ease of test at your home. 

If you want the best lab test services then, You can go to Lifecare Diagnostic Centre in Mumbai. The lab test offered by Lifecare gives you a range of tests, from Cardiopulmonary tests to Liver function tests. We provide you with more than 30 tests. So, choose us, and you will benefit from our accurate results. 

Benefits of Booking a Lab test at home in Mumbai?

Here are some benefits for booking a lab test at home in Mumbai:

  1. No Need to Travel
  2. Time Saving Process
  3. Hassle Free Process
  4. No Exposure to Crowd

Why Choose Lifecare for Lab Test at Home in Mumbai?

Home Lab tests provided by Lifecare Diagnostic Centre in Mumbai will give you the following:

  1. We provide you with a 100% Safe & hygienic sample collection.
  2. Qualified technicians who have ten years of experience
  3. Provides you services 24*7
  4. We provide you with faster delivery reports by WhatsApp or email

How to Book a Lab Test with LifeCare Centre of Diagnosis in Mumbai?

You can easily book a Blood Test at home with the LifeCare Centre of Diagnosis. All you have to do is

  • Visit Our Website: Go to the Lifecare Diagnostics lab tests at home page.
  • Fill Out the Enquiry Form: Complete the form by entering your name, email, phone number, location, and the type of test you need.
  • Submit the Form: Once we receive your enquiry, we will process it promptly.
  • Home Visit by Technician: Our lab technician will visit your home to collect the required samples.
  • Receive Fast and Accurate Results: Your samples will be processed quickly, and you will receive accurate results via WhatsApp or email.

How do at-home lab tests work?

When you book an appointment with the best Lifecare Diagnostic Centre in Mumbai, the best lab attendants can come to your doorstep. It takes only about 15 minutes. Here we studied how at home lab tests work? How are these samples collected?

What are the types of Samples Collected?

At-home lab tests help users to perform diagnostic tests at home. It uses a simple device with a small sample of fluids to collect saliva, urine, and blood. It sent these for testing. At Home Test Lab works in two ways:


The lab test includes pricking your fingers. It works with the help of a lancet, and thus, it submits the card that has a few drops of blood. It splits saliva into the tube. After that, it sends it back with the help of mail. It only works if the provided equipment follows the instructions accurately. 


There are labs that provide home collection. It is done with the help of a technician. A technician comes to your home and draws your blood, collects your saliva, and collects a sample of your urine. After collecting these samples, they can send them to the lab to get more accurate results. 

Both these methods will provide you with an accurate result. However, be aware that you should not go without the advice of a healthcare professional.

What is Step by Step Instruction that involves the Lab Testing Process?

Here, we mention some lab tests that some experienced lab technicians follow. 

Step 1: Fasting:  If you want an accurate test, be sure that the patient is fasting and does not take any medication. For these the patient are prepare in advance.

Step 2: Verification: There are some rules that you must follow before taking a sample from any patient. First, you must identify the patient with the help of his or her identity card. 

 Step 3: Collection: Now, you can go for a sample. Be sure you can take the sample per the facility’s guidelines.

List the various lab tests offered by Lifecare Diagnostics.

For any test, all you have to do is fast. You can only eat after the lab technician takes your sample. Some tests don’t require fasting. But most of the tests require fasting. Fasting helps in giving you accurate results. Here is the list of complete lab tests that were offered by LifeCare Diagnostic Centre in Mumbai:

Complete blood Test: A Complete Blood Test is helpful to measure haematocrit, haemoglobin, platelets, red blood cells, and white blood cells.

Basic Metabolic Panel: It is very helpful in finding eight different types of substances in the blood. These eight substances are

  • Blood
  • Urea 
  • Nitrogen, 
  • Calcium, 
  • Carbon dioxide, 
  • Chloride, 
  • Creatinine, 
  • Glucose, 
  • Potassium, and 
  • Sodium

Vitamin D Test: It can help detect the amount of vitamin D in our body. Vitamin D helps to find too little or more vitamin D in the blood. 

Cardiopulmonary tests: Cardiopulmonary tests are a special type of stress test. That measures the amount of stress taken by our body.

Liver function tests: Liver function tests may include albumin, alkaline phosphatase, alanine transaminase, aspartate aminotransferase, bilirubin, gamma-glutamyl transferase, lactate dehydrogenase, prothrombin time, total protein.

Magnesium and Phosphorus: It measures the amount of magnesium and phosphorous in the blood.

Urinalysis: Check the urine’s bacteria, color, crystals, odor, and pH.

 Sexually transmitted infection tests: Lifecare Diagnosis Centre in Mumbai helps diagnose patients using a blood test. These tests are helpful because they combine urine samples and infected tissues. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are home blood test kits accurate?

The Blood Typing Test kits are not 100% accurate. It gives you accurate results only 99.9% of the time. But all you have to do is use it correctly. It’s very important if you use these kits in cold storage.

Can you have lab work done at home?

Yes, I can do a lab test at home. Most tests only require a few drops of blood. An expert at home collects these blood samples. When you contact the best diagnostic center in Mumbai, they usually take a kit containing the necessary kit to get your blood sample. They can ship your specimens that are safe and sterile. 

Are home blood test kits good?

It is beneficial and has some drawbacks. But if These tests can be correctly stored then it gives you exact results. 

What is the cost of a complete body check-up in Mumbai?

The complete body check-up in Mumbai may depend on your chosen diagnosis centre. It may vary from Rs 999- 3800.

How long does it take to get results?

It all depends upon the type of blood test. Usually, it takes 24 hours to 72 hours. 

How do I prepare for a home lab test?

For any test, whether you go for a simple blood count test or a complete body test at home. All you have to do is fast. You don’t have to eat until the lab technician takes your sample. Also, you don’t have to take any medicine before the blood sample.

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